NSE Energy Sdn.Bhd was incorporated in 2008 with a mission of developing renewal energy through biomass gasification and preparing the biomass fuel.Through ourresearch and dedicated team,we have managed to develop our own prototype of downdraft gasifer unit to produce syhthetic gas which we believe to be a suitbale to fossil fuel for power generation.On the other hand,we are also involved in the resaerch improving e biomass feed for gasification.This is to enhance the biomass fuel quality for more efficient result.

Derive power through nature.......

Authorized Capital: RM100,000.000
Paid up Capital: RM1,000,000.000
Banker : CIMB Berhad Bentong Pahang

What is a Biomass Plant?

Biomass is the name given to any recent organic matter that has been derived from plants as a result of photosynthetic conversion process. Biomass energy is derived from plant and animal material, such as wood from forests, residues from agricultural and forestry processes, and industrial, human or animal wastes.
The energy value of biomass from plant matter originally comes from solar energy through the process known as photosynthesis. The Chemical energy that is stored in plants and animals (that eat plants or other animals), or in the wastes that they produce, is called bioenergy. During conversion processes such as combustion (burning), biomass releases its energy, often in the form of heat, and the carbon is reoxidised to carbon dioxide to replace that which was absorbed while the plant was growing, essentially, the use of biomass for energy is the reversal of photosynthesis.

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Commercialization Opportunities


This company is oncorporated for the development of renewable energy through biomass gasification
2 phase approach :
  • Biomass Preparation System
  • Gasification & Power Generation


This initiative is being done to allow NSE Manufacturing Group of companies to be competitive in terms of energy to be an independent Power Producer of small renewable Energy Plan


Contact Infomation

  • +609 - 2201340 | Fax: +609-2201341
  • [email protected]
  • http://www.nserc.com.my
  • NSERC Kerteh,
    24300 Kerteh, Terengganu

  • GPS Location : 4.579367,103.428776